17 Apr 2010

Flashback: 11 -- 17 Apr 2009

These posts are still relevant (to me :), so please read/comment:

BEST: Misleading Headlines -- water managers still make the big mistake: tell people to use less, then raise rates when they do (and revenues fall). Raise prices FIRST.

The Power of Image -- an organic garden at the White House. That reminds me of this hysterical (and ironic!) interview with a guy from the NON-organic industry, who says that the Obama's example will lead to obesity AND starvation. Watch it!

Whose Money for [saving] the Salton Sea? Not the money of the people who live there -- Other people's money!

Don't Steal -- Charge More! The mayor of LA was raiding LADWP for money a year ago too.

BEST: In Defence of Property Rights Cities should not take rural water; they have to pay willing sellers a negotiated price, in markets. Speaking of that, Markets Are Fair because they benefit sellers and buyers and maximize the social benefits of water

Water First -- The Review -- a good film on water in the developing world, which leads us to my first talk on Human Rights and Water.

BEST: Something for the Deep Ecologists -- Californians could leave ALL the water in the environment for $1,200/person/year. Apparently the environment is not worth it. Compare this to the fact that urban water is too cheap! in the US. It costs more (even double) in Australia, where people use less.

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  1. DW says: The mayor and city council in LA have been skimming a large percentage of LADWP's budget for their general fund every years since the city bought the electric utility from Edison decades ago.


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