22 Apr 2010

Earth Day

George Carlin speaks truth:


  1. RM says: impressive way to say that the human race is arrogant. (I agree, with that one).

    BUT some of what he says is still a bit of a bullshit. if we would leave nature alone - what most of us don´t do - then there would not be a need to conserve species, that struggle because of a human-influenced accelerated speed of extinction.

    Needless to say that I am a passionate conservation geek and would rather have "normal" (well what is "normal" evolutionary process dictate what species has to go and when, rather having it dictated by the human species that could potentially stop to live above a unsustainable lifestyle.

    thanks for this provocative video and your blog anyway - good to make our brains function :-)

  2. There's a saying: "Nature bats last." And She does, no doubt. No major forest fire has ever been extinguished without Mother Nature's help. Tidal waves and earthquakes and tornadoes have their way with the best built structures.

    I do believe we should do what we can to keep things clean and preserve natural resources to the best of our collective abilities, for to behave like Mr Carlin suggests, (albeit indirectly) is too depressing to consider.

    Thanks for posting this video.


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