16 Apr 2010

Dear Pope -- It's a Catholic problem

This is not water-related, but it's relevant when we consider the role of institutions (rules, norms) at organizations.

The Catholic Church made a pact with the Devil long ago: Priests would promise to be "celibate," but those who sexually abused children (and other parishioners) would be protected.

Well that worked for many centuries, but it doesn't work now. Times have changed.

The Pope has to take responsibility and take action.

Given the problems with monitoring priests, I'd say that the big change will be allowing marriage. The Church also has to stop protecting rapists in robes.

Anything less, and I doubt that people will see the Church as the foundation of their community.

Bottom Line: To err is human, to forgive divine, but don't expect me to forgive a system that promotes and protects errors.
Speaking of troubled institutions and hypocrisy, read this open letter to conservatives (and the Republican party), who seem to have lost their way.


  1. As a Catholic who places great personal value in my faith and my religion, I strongly agree. Citizens of a state can be patriotic, responsible, civil, social and just even while the heads of state and those in government abuse power for personal gain and advantage - you talk about that a lot on this blog. The case of sex abuse in the Catholic Church is very similar. I am a layperson in the Church whose religious identity is cheapened by the horrendous activities of corrupt Church bureaucrats.

  2. This sort of debauchery can't be tolerated any longer. Especially in a society that demands penance from child pornographers and rapists on a grand level. To turn the other cheek, as it were, to this sort of outrageous behaviour is to throw a shadow on everything any individual deigns to believe.
    Lacking any belief in any Gods and seeing little use in any religious authority it still behooves me to acknowledge the power they wield. This must stop, and now. Remove this pope if necessary and let the Priests fornicate without being ex-communicated for it. But let no pedophile go unpunished. Men of God or no, the key word is still MEN.


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