8 Apr 2010

Bureaucratic goals and others obligations

We are not reaching the water targets of the Millennium Development Goals.

Here are some updates from this report:
The world will miss the MDG target by 13 percentage points. Unless huge efforts are made, the proportion of people without access to basic sanitation will not be halved by 2015. Even if we meet the MDG target, there will still be 1.7 billion people without access to basic sanitation. If the trend remains as currently projected, an additional billion people who should have benefited from MDG progress will miss out, and by 2015 there will be 2.7 billion people without access to basic sanitation.
What does "huge effort" mean? Spending more money? Hiring more experts? Contracting with more firms? I hope not. Sanitation failure is directly linked to local governance (and lack thereof). The UN is NOT a local governmental organization, and it's approaching the problem on the wrong scale. Start local.
The world is expected to exceed the MDG target of halving the proportion of the population without sustainable access to safe drinking-water. Even so, 672 million people will still lack access to improved drinking-water sources in 2015. For monitoring purposes, the use of improved drinking-water sources has been equated to access to safe drinking-water, but not all improved sources in actual fact provide drinking water that is safe.
I noted this two years ago, and yet they continue to pursue a goal whose achievement may mean little.

Bottom Line: The MDGs are great for international aid organizations, but they mean little for local poor people. Those people need good government, more choices (competition and markets) and more power (money). Fire the bureaucrats and put locals in charge.

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WaterSource said...

REAL bottom line:

Try listening to those who have REAL first hand experience and REAL solutions with REAL fresh water !

Note: Economists are to blame for most of our current problems !

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