26 Mar 2010

Two years of aguanomics

Oh, what a long road it's been! (Updates from six months and one year and 18 months)

The State of the Blog

I've enjoyed blogging thus far and plan to continue into the future.

(As few of you know, I began with a blog called "Another Brilliant Idea" and then moved to "Sex, Drugs and Water Utilities." I copied some posts from that blog to aguanomics. Oh, and I choose aguanomics because aQuanomics was taken. Although some people get confused about the spelling of this blog, I've taken a liking to its name.)

At the moment, there are over 1,000 people subscribed to the blog via RSS. In addition to them (and with some overlap), there are about 200-300 daily unique visitors; the busiest day is Monday and the least busy day is Saturday.

Most of these people (80%) are from the US; the next highest visiting countries are Canada, the UK, India, Australia, and so on, from 191 countries/territories.

Here is a pdf with stats over the past two years.


In the recent past, I've slowed down the pace of posts (only 2-3 per weekday) and stretched out the polls (now every 2-3 weeks). This pace is better, since it gives me more time to do other things and leaves you less buried, but it also requires that I apply stronger filters to my incoming material.

I really DO appreciate all the articles, comments and questions that you send me, so please keep them coming. I try to acknowledge the source of material that I quote, but I may not email you back if I am not using your material. Oh, and I'm always willing to keep sources confidential. (I find that insiders have the best information, and I will protect them from being identified. I'm VERY serious about that [pdf].)

As most of you know, I rarely cover "breaking news" or routine announcements (board elections, price changes). I look for new trends and developments, as well as good examples of politics and economics as applied to water.

Maximizing Your Enjoyment

I try to cross-reference to older posts on this blog that are also relevant, but sometimes I forget. If you are interested in a topic (bottled water, environment, corruption, the environment, etc.), then please DO click on the tags on the right sidebar to see related posts. Alternatively, use one of the two search boxes (top-left or sidebar right) -- they give difference results, so I keep them both.


First, I LOVE to publish guest-posts. If you have something interesting to say about water, then send it to me. I am happy to publish you as an anonymous author.

Second, I REALLY LOVE comments on posts and discussions among readers. I've learned a LOT from these. Please DO comment if you have an alternative opinion, additional facts, background information, etc.

Third, I want MORE readers. If you have friends, family or colleagues who are interested in water (economics, politics, agriculture, environment, etc.)

The Future

As some of you know, my Wantrup appointment runs out in August. I am not sure of where or what I will be doing for work next, but it WILL be water-related. I get back to Berkeley in a few days, after three months in Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand; the photo above is from Litchfield NP in Australia's Northern Territory. Note that I am standing on the bridge! I plan to spend 80 percent of my time writing my book in April and May -- I look forward to hearing your thoughts on its draft -- but will continue to blog here, and as I make additional plans.

Bottom Line: It's great to have you, and I look forward to more in the future.

1 comment:

  1. David,
    Congratulations on this milestone!
    Having tried and failed, and trying again I can understand the commitment and dedication that it takes to blog.

    Have enjoyed reading your blog and some of them were very useful for my work too.
    Great work...

    Thanks a lot!

    Sachin Tiwari


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