6 Mar 2010

TNC wants answers!

The Nature Conservancy is spending $140,000 [pdf] to find good ideas on how to manage water (including markets and prices) in Arizona's Verde Valley. Deadlines at 5 and 17 March. Great!


  1. A good first step would be to change state law to recognize the connection between surface and groundwater. Chances of that actually happening - roughly 0.0%

  2. Global Water Intelligence's last sentence:

    "The reality is that we have long since exploited all of the water which could reasonably be considered to be “freely” available, and now we are either going to have to pay more or use less."

    ... "engineers have worked to create the illusion".

    DZ "loved it". Previously, DZ wrote in response to the question,

    'What do you want to do with the water that is proven to be saved ?'

    "saved" water is NOT there, it's in excess of supply. What I (DZ) want is that supply and demand are equal, unlike the case in shortages."

    If such claims were the case, we could never dare venture past the level of 'worst case scenario'.

    If you wish to be an effective politician for the people, you might want to come forward with real answers ...


    but you have to take it upon yourself to ask, listen and then analyze for yourself ... no knee jerk regurgitations of the latest non-researched dribble allowed.

  3. Oops...response to Global Water Intelligence should have been posted under

    Free Water and Father Christmas


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