25 Mar 2010

Speed Blogging

  • Indian water authorities are fighting to increase tariffs to recover costs.

  • Thanks to the Supreme Court, we have this: "Vote for Murray Hill Incorporated for Congress -- for the best democracy money can buy."

  • The Chinese government is moving people for the North-South canal; those people are losing income, being robbed of assets, and are NOT settling into new lives.

  • "Wholly H2o’s mission is to equip Californians with the information and skills necessary to normalize water conservation and efficiency, as well as the adoption of rainwater, graywater, stormwater and black water reuse/recycling in the residential, commercial/institutional, industrial and agricultural sectors. With that in mind, we are proud to announce" this website. Please look and give feedback and suggestions.

  • A judge halts Reclamation before they can built yet another crap (my words) project.

  • "The new version of Stakeholder Analysis for the Mekong River Commission Basin Development Planning, March 2010 is here.

  • A new report [pdf] on the worldwide value of biodiversity and ecosystem services -- in terms of the $billions being spent.
Hattips to DL and JWT

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  1. When I with Reclamation I proposed brackish desalination facilities and aquifer storage and recovery components to create a fresh water pooling of the desalination product water for the North Dakota communities. Reclamation was more interested in building pipelines and solving the rural domestic water problems with traditional approaches...they did not listen then and now they face a court order reminding them that we live in the 21st century.


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