12 Mar 2010

Speed blogging

  • "The New Left [Hippies] then, like the Tea Partiers now, had a legitimate point about the failure of the ruling class. But they ruined it through their own imprudence, self-righteousness and na├»ve radicalism." Yep.
  • Three myths about water [pdf] -- it's NOT static or renewable and desal is not the answer.
  • Janice Beecher (Institute of Public Utilities - Michigan State University) has an excellent presentation [pdf] on urban water and pricing. I recommend it to anyone interested in urban water. Slide 17 has a great description of the results of over/underpricing water or over/underinvestment in infrastructure. I could teach a 10-week course with this!
  • FAO publication [pdf]: "Farmers living in harsh environments in the regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America, in continuous coping with extreme weather events and climatic variability, have developed and/or inherited complex farming systems that have the potential to bring solutions to many uncertainties facing humanity in an era of climate change."
  • The nuts and bolts of irrigation delivery.
  • Point-use meters in apartment buildings may not be economical, but they "can reduce use between 15 and 39 percent."
  • NorCal water users unite to fight against SoCal. Markets are better at resolving these conflicts.
Hattips to EF, KF and DW


  1. I'll definitely read the FAO report, especially after hearing a portion of the highly biased crop conversation on Science Friday today.

  2. JWT says: I loved the highlight comments. Not a single one of them understood what the Left Movement of the 60's was all about. None of them seem to remember (nor does the article's author) the DRAFT. The reason all those young people created the movement was that they, justifiably, did not want to go to Vietnam to die in the jungle in truly pointless war.

    The Vietnam War ended and so did the protest movement.

    The Tea Baggers are a whole different bag (forgive the pun). They are demonstrably old, white, dumb folks. Everything is summed up in their slogan, "Don't let the government touch my Medicare (or Social Security)!"

    There are times I truly love really stupid analysis.


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