2 Mar 2010

Speed blogging -- Corruption Edition

The US government subsidizes nuclear power. Get ready for stupid results.

The US government is increasingly incompetent because bureaucrats are tangled in their own org chart, get appointed for political reasons, hired and promoted for the wrong reasons, and/or lack accountability

Westlands is "a coyote with its leg in a steel-jawed trap," says Jason Peltier (of Westlands), and this desperate, non-fuzzy beast is attacking on all fronts, using Diane Feinstein, its political tool.

"The Delta Vision Blue Ribbon Task Force... was planted with key individuals likely to support building a peripheral canal and that their input as stakeholders in the process has been ignored."

Meanwhile, the Marines covered up the cancer-causing chemicals that were in the water of soldiers and their families, with help from some crooked contractors.

Hattips to DL, DW and JWT.