16 Mar 2010

New or used?

More random thoughts...

Don't make a new community when you can borrow an established one. If you want to spread a message, you can use the phone or internet. You don't have to set up a new communications network. If you want to change peoples' water or carbon behavior, you can use prices to send signals. There's no need to create new currencies, footprints, or certification systems. Further, you can tap the mommy network if you want to discuss the next generation's future -- there's no need to create a new networking hub for "Generation XY"


  1. " New or Used ? "

    Make do with what we have. It isn't broke, don't fix it.

    We promised to pay our debts with Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Dollars (FRAUDs), so print enough frauds to pay off the Federal debt and stop the interest.

    Fund what needs to be funded by "we the people".

    North Dakota is the only state in the Union with it's own state bank and has functioned without a problem since 1919.

    Jobs, water systems, national health care can all be funded without paying interest.

    Used is good ... just do it !

  2. I have the vision of future markets in water, of trading in packaged drought insurance contracts and every other manipulation that led up to our current dismal fiscal situation where the State of CA DWR does not have the staff to enforce it's own regulations regarding water quality.

    You don't need to put a price on pollution, the polluters will mount an ad campaign to convince everyone that it is actually good for you.

    Un-regulated markets do not solve all the ills of this world.

  3. Wes, you are too kind to DWR.


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