8 Mar 2010

Farm Water Success Stories

Peter Gleick announced a new Pacific Institute book with that title. I left this comment:
Why not publish a book called "Farm animal success stories"?

Perhaps because farm animals are grown and sold in markets, with prices and incentives.

Water will be used efficiently when and where there are financial incentives. These guys are surely successful and efficient, but I'd bet they only went there because of money, subsidy or propaganda.
Bottom Line: We don't need stories and case studies, we need incentives.

ps/For those who think I only bash Peter, check this post on landscaping, which I like. I left this comment: "Good post. Here's a simple rule: Don't add water to your garden. What lives is what you should have there."

pps/His post advocating prosecution of businesses that dodge water efficiency regulations does nothing to serve consumers and a lot to serve overweening regulations. Right, that's enough of Peter Gleick for now...