15 Mar 2010

Does a latte cost a few trees?

Just a reminder: We cannot make good decisions without prices on things we like (or don't). That's why there should be a price for carbon (or a tax), a price for pollution, a price for water shortages, etc. With all of these prices, we can do the calculation, comparing the cost and benefit of our different choices.


  1. From Grist:


    Relevant excerpt:

    "That is why we have to see 'getting prices right', whether through a carbon fee or other means as marginal in making change. It is not useless, is even necessary. But 'getting prices right' can never be the main driver of change. It can never be of equal importance with other types of policy."

    Would be interested in your thoughts, David.

  2. I'm interested in the apparent disconnection between your title and your comment.

    Or, do you propose changing our currency?


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