26 Feb 2010

Water Chat with Lin Crase

I enjoyed talking to Lin Crase about water economics and politics in Australia. I was amazed at the number of parallels between Australia and California (too many rights issued for too little water, infrastructure subsidies to farmers, environmental collapse, politicians who don't tackle the issues, etc.)

We also discussed how water problems (and solutions) differ from place to place.

I enjoyed Lin's candid views of what has happened, will happen and should happen in the water sector. He placed great emphasis on the failure of leadership by politicians and water industry people -- or perhaps that's intentional?

Listen in to our 41 min chat [14MB mp3]

Bottom Line: Australia's governance problems are VERY similar to those in the western US. We should learn from their mistakes and be braver in reaching solutions.


WaterSource said...

Sounds like Australia too has 'created' their own system that can not be expected to function as a viable water market.

How Australia could possibly have recognized "sleeper rights" rather than had them abandoned to begin with, is nothing short of ...

the have-nots taking from the haves !

Lin's bottom line that "Water is Hard" is true when the politics have screwed up the basic ownership of water rights.

It should not be up to the "voters" to determine what "owners" do with the property rights they have lawfully received from their government.

The "voters" don't understand the 'numbers' because voters are not out there trying to make a living by understanding the numbers as they relate to what they own and have a right to use or sell in the market place.

... gallons, cubic feet per second (cfs), acre feet (af).

Throughout the interview you kept mentioning CA as a comparable so it should be considered appropriate to point out the two of you mutually agreed that the current political maneuverings and toilet flush adjustments are miniscule ...

in comparison to a new 325,900,000,000 gallons PER YEAR placed in EXISTING storage facilities which could in addition to providing a viable WATER BANK for the water market you want, restore the Colorado River Delta valued at a $Billion/year by AZ University Researchers.

Professor Chase was right, "Water is Hard" when rights are confirmed and then later skewed/dissolved by politics !

THANKS for providing the interview. Hopefully all Aguanomics readers will take the time to listen to it !


WaterSource said...

Another huge 8.8 earthquake and probable tsunami in Chili this morning ... Sadly, CA will also someday experience such a catastrophe. Alternative fresh water supplies may make the difference between life and death for millions. Your viable water market would provide much more than CA thinks ... ( oops an oxymoron )

shopa said...
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David Zetland said...

last comment deleted as off topic. WaterSafe is on the edge of off topic (again), but I've given that one a pass.

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