11 Feb 2010

USACE is hiring

Here are the required duties in what appear to be 6 different positions:
Serves as technical advisor/subject matter specialist in the specific area or areas of expertise for which recruited, i.e., plan formulation; collaborative planning and public involvement; economic analysis; environmental and ecological evaluation; social impact assessment; civil works policy development; multi-objective water resources planning; or other aspects of integrated water resources planning and management. Responsible for policy research and analysis, and the development and application of new planning procedures, methods, and practices as applied to complex water resource management programs, involving one or more major regions or requiring international coordination; performing special studies with exceptionally sophisticated, and often politically difficult plan formulation problems, pertaining to all phases of long-range water resource planning; and, utilizing state-of-the-art methods for projecting and analyzing future US water resource development needs.
If you understand that and still want more, google "DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Vacancy Announcement Number: NCFL10010047D" and good luck!


  1. This is what happens if you know the person you want to hire before the fact, you simply write the job description around their job history or experience......this is like managment 101

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  3. David's second comment was off topic and is deleted.


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