22 Feb 2010

Speed blogging

  • The Atlas of Water reviewed.

  • "Ethiopia's Newest Dam Suffers Tunnel Collapse Days After Inauguration" Italians and corruption involved.

  • This $700 water filter will save you money after two years (of not buying bottled water), but it looks good now. Get out your platinum card!

  • Cutting invasive trees to decrease demand for water (that can be used for solar). Win win?

  • IBM is helping with Sacramento's sewage [IBM blog], but I don't know if they are preventing spills (storm flows) or removing all waste.

  • Syrian farmers have REAL problems with drought -- thousands of families migrating to cities. They use 90% of the country's water to produce 20% of GDP, but there's no market -- for reallocation or rationing -- in sight. Speaking of that, teaching farmers in the Middle East to use less water without using prices and markets for water is stupid.

  • "Desertification, flash floods, melting glaciers, heatwaves, cyclones or water-borne diseases such as cholera are among the impacts of global warming inextricably tied to water."

  • USGS on how wells get contaminated.
hattips to DL and DW


  1. Re: The tree story -

    It looks like a wash to me.

    I still don't get why we want to put solar thermal in deserts in Eastern California, when we have a perfectly good infrastructure in the Central Valley, with water, and chock-full of people who would love better-paying, year-round employment.

  2. RE: ...teaching farmers in the Middle East...

    Sorry for the sarcasm, David, but did you notice who is paying for the program?

    You. I mean your tax-money.

    Did you mention something about somebody being stupid?

  3. @J -- totally agree. USAID is a black hole for money and competence.


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