18 Feb 2010

Speed blogging

  • Chlorine in the water may be dangerous, but this advertorial by a water filter consultant at Scientific American shows that scientific integrity is in even greater danger. Shame!

  • The economics of ecosystem services.

  • The economics of wastewater from processing grapes into wine. Insufficient capacity > spills > offers to ship and process waste elsewhere. Amazing.

  • Water use by tourists in hotels is 3-6 times higher than use by locals; hotels have cut water use by 10-20% with programs to reduce laundry.

  • A friend in need is a friend indeed -- or in deed? Read this.

  • Hawaii pushes for 70% renewable energy by 2020, putting California to shame.

  • Water in the WSJ: Water is too cheap (check); Indian farmers prefer rationing to unreliable energy (check); regulators push prices lower, worsening shortages (check, unfortunately).
Hattips to BC, JC, EF and DL


  1. David, regarding the chlorine advertorial, are you saying that chlorine is inoffensive? I also thinks so, yet many municipalities are making great efforts to get rid of chlorine. What is the latest truth?

  2. @J -- I hate chlorine, except when it saves me from sickness. I don't know the "truth" but I *do* know an advertorial when I see one :)

  3. Yes, looks like paid advertisement.


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