11 Feb 2010

Speed blogging

Hattips to SJ, DL NS and DW

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  1. I'm reading the fish stocks article, and overall, he's doing a decent job of defending himself. I do have a problem with this, however:

    "The Newfoundland and Labrador fishery collapsed in the early 1990s and fell to less than 1 percent of the peak level. Professor Worm tells me in the last few years the stock may have risen to about 4 percent — which, OK, is more than the “something like one percent” I cited initially — but the offshore fishery remains closed. It would be foolish to call this modest improvement a recovery."

    I think a fourfold increase in the population is a positive sign. Yes, the fishery remains closed, but a 400% improvement in population is huge in recovery terms. He's playing with language there.

    I wish we had more level-headed people working and writing about fisheries management. Alas, it's a tough to find any.


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