24 Feb 2010

Reporters doing a good job

An excellent article (via 5 readers!) on agricultural jobs and water.

The west side of Fresno county Westlands is doing badly. The rest of the State is in good shape.

Too bad that Diane Feinstein confuses Westlands with ALL of California.


  1. Comparing the statewide employment numbers for agriculture with the number of jobs lost to water cutbacks is like comparing apples to oranges. A better reporting job would have compared the number of jobs lost to water cutbacks to the number of farm jobs in those areas affected by the water cutbacks. Mike Henry/CA Farm Water Coalition

  2. mhenry, first read the article, then comment. Mendota is the ugly example y'all give, yet its unemployment only increased by 25%. Sacramento, in the mean time, increased by 100%.

    Are you arguing that Mendota should go back to the good ol' days of 32% unemployment, instead of the horrible days today of 40%?

    If I lived in Mendota, I'd be spitting mad that my leaders have built my community on such an unsustainable infrastructure, and I'd be rallying my neighbors to throw those folks out, and put in people who will actually work to change that economy, starting with new jobs, not just trying to get back to 32%.


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