9 Feb 2010

Is Washington being overtaken by Treehuggers?

On December 3, 2009, the White House Council on Environmental Quality released a proposal to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) for their review that would significantly change the principles and guidelines that govern America’s water resource planning. The proposal would require that such projects help to improve the economic well-being of the Nation for present and future generations, better protect communities from the effects of floods and storms, help communities and individuals make better choices about where to build based on an understanding of the risk, and protect and restore the environment.

The proposal calls for the development of water resources projects to be based on sound science, increased consideration of both monetary and non-monetary benefits to justify and select a project, improved transparency, and consideration of nonstructural approaches that can solve the flooding problem without adversely impacting floodplain functions. The proposal would also expand the scope of the Principles and Guidelines to cover all Federal agencies that undertake water resource projects.
Read the whole thing (and accompanying documents).

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  1. Regardless of the guidelines, and these may be different than previous ones, congress seems to be able to build the project it wants. History has shown this repeatedly, so I am skeptical that these new guidelines will really change things.


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