28 Feb 2010

Flashback: 21 -- 27 Feb 2009

These posts are still important, so please comment!

BEST: Transparently Dumb -- how NOT to manage shortage, courtesy of San Diego, whose water managers get into a Catfight with reporters.

BEST: Insuring against Incompetance... my brilliant idea for keeping monopolies in line.

Environmentalists against Delta Exports -- they are still out there! Wonder what water importers think? Listen to this Water Chat with Hasencamp of MWD or consider the battle between Rural vs Urban in New Mexico.

Community Support -- a fable, but a good one, which does not lead one to support Buy American! -- a stupid idea.

Farm Subsidies -- who gets how much for growing what?

BEST: Private vs Public Water Provision -- a useful case study. Speaking of that, Expensive Water Increases Conservation

Yes, Regulate Groundwater in California -- still not there, despite the recent, flawed water bills.

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  1. With lightening speed, California's groundwater situation is headed for disaster the same as the Rio Grande, Arkansas and South Platte River basins have already experienced !

    There are equitable remedies ! Honestly, NO ONE one has to lose.

    CA would have to take the time to LISTEN because it will be delicate to incorporate a PLAN that melds their three existing legal entitlement schemes into one system that can be properly administrated ! If done correctly, all parties would actually OWN legitimate water rights and know their legal limits and obligations.

    In order not to unduly restrict reasonable growth opportunities, a water market could be created to include a water bank and as necessary, non-tributary fresh water supply.

    Sadly, California won't miss the water until the well runs dry ...



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