21 February 2010

Flashback: 14 -- 20 Feb 2009

These posts are still important, so please comment!

Best: Business Cycles -- something the government does not understand.

Conservation Pricing for Businesses is simple and effective; RUBing the Wrong Way is about sub-meters for apartments, another missing link in conservation.

Water Markets in Colorado -- the only (open) market we have in the States.

Best: Water Chat with IID Staffers -- these guys manage 8% of California's water but don't appear to know what they are doing. In this water chats with Joe Tagg, we get the same result with more color :). Analysis? I explain Why IID Is Dysfunctional. If you want to skip the words and sound, just check out my SoCal Photo Essay.

Persistance and Baggs -- the interesting case of Terry Spragg, and his struggle to get water managers to consider a different technology (and get off their asses).


Eric Perramond said...

Interesting back-post on the CO water market; I hadn't considered these pieces yet, so thanks for posting full pdf versions. You may be interested in latest developments for a water market in southern New Mexico on the highly arid Mimbres River basin. More info from the Miltonian perspective at: http://magazine.uchicago.edu/0878/investigations/market_flow.shtml
- Can't say how I feel about this (yet), but the underlying attitude is a bit troublesome.

will said...

four areas:
1.)Desert - Drought - Thirsty for Water - low Food Security and low
Energy Security (unless new energy
paradigm or solar)

2.)Rainy - Florida - Hurricane -
Flood prone - Drowning in Water -
Storage is POOR and so EXPENSIVE
Desalination Plant in Apollo Beach, Florida near Tampa. FL, USA.

3.)Mixed and 'Dirty Water' - Florida lots of golf courses so
phosphates go to the Gulf of Mexico. Pollution costs.
Algae blooms and red tide stink up
the tourist beaches.

4.)Transport and other uses.

Sequence of Events:
1.)Freeze in Florida
2.)farmers panic and pump water to
coat strawberries with ice.
3.)water table drops and sinkholes appear.
is knocked out!
Possible sinkhole blocks two lanes on I-4

The gasoline/ethanol pipelines
and highway infrastructure is
floating on WATER, perhaps??

WaterSource said...
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