25 Feb 2010

End of drought! Abundance restored?

This article gives the cheery news -- the US is in its best shape -- in terms of precipitation -- since 1999.

Two troubles remain:
  1. We still need to recharge overdrafted aquifers -- some will need years or decades to recover.
  2. There is no sign of demand control. Even if supply goes to "normal" -- and I am not betting on that with climate change -- demand can still outpace it, leading to shortages of the manmade variety.
Bottom Line: We're not back to the good old days, but our institutions for managing water are. Time to reform, to improve the reliability into the current system. (Yes, markets, prices, etc...)


  1. When the beer is free and flowin', does the alcoholic quit then?

  2. David - USA Today? Really?
    How about this source:
    Usually a little more reliable.

  3. @Eric -- thanks for the backlink; I am lazy sometimes :)


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