3 Feb 2010

Electric pipes for water

"Steve Shoap has invented a rapidly deployable system to move large quantities of water over long distances. The invention can rapidly bring water, electric power, and communications to areas that have lost them. Haiti shows how an earthquake can destroy the water supply to a large population. If you know anyone at FEMA or Homeland Security, please forward this post to them. The invention can also be used to fight wildfires.

He has also invented a new type of irrigation system. The idea is to embed the wire pair from a two-wire irrigation system into PVC pipe .When the pipe is installed, the control system is installed with it. No additional wires need to be trenched. The wires pair also supplies power to the valves by trickle charging rechargeable batteries at the valves. His proposed system has the potential to reduce the material, installation, and maintenance costs of advanced irrigation systems.

Steve believes that changing rainfall patterns and will force more farmers to use irrigation. Many regions are suffering droughts and then occasional deluges. Hopefully, the water from deluges can be stored and then later used for irrigating crops."

You thoughts? Comments?


  1. Wow. Amazing invention. Thanks. This could save lives.

  2. Another water related invention for drinking:


  3. David, that is a great idea. I'd like to add to it:

    Is there an in-line desal. system that can be incorporated for areas with little potable water (often the case in emergency situations) but which are situated on the coastline?


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