17 Feb 2010

Bleg for good water books?

KG sends this from his library in India:
I am currently building up the section on "Water" at a public library in Pune, India - the Venture Center library. I have gone through all the book reviews on your blog, and have already bought/ordered some of those books.

Could you please recommend a few others?

Specifically, we are looking for books that define problems related to water, and talk about how innovation in technology or in business models may solve these problems.
Besides these "aguanomic" books, what others would you readers recommend?


  1. Hello,

    I just read Sandra Postel's Pillar of Sand:

    I think is great for KG's purposes at the Venture library. It's already 11 years old, but the information and approach are very valuable. She talks about irrigated agriculture, and gives technology a lot of attention. I learned a lot. I recommend it.

  2. Well these aren't really "aquanomic" books, more general water books but they're my favourites:

    Cadillac Desert - Marc Reisner: The classic about water and the American West, getting a little dated but still a page turner, or at least as much of a page turner as a water book can be.

    Water Follies - Robert Glennon: Of all of the water authors I've read, Glennon understands hydrogeology (or at least can explain it) better than any of the others.

    Deep Water - Jacques Leslie: About dams, especially mega dams, and their impacts on the environment and society. Told through three interesting case studies (in Africa, India and Australia). It seems like mega dams have largely fallen out of fashion but still a very good read.

    Water - Marq de Villiers: A good overview of world water issues.


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