20 Jan 2010

Speed blogging

  • Here are the top ten blogs (according to someone) on green innovations, and this blog gives video reviews of green products. Better yet, ten words you need to stop misspelling.

  • "The state is blocking four landowners on two Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta islands from taking water that officials say they don't have permission to use." Finally. (Will there be more?)

  • Milwaukee plans to use cheap water to attract businesses. Not a good idea (subsidies) and VERY bad idea if it creates demand that's too large for supply. (Ask Stockton, CA or most water managers in SoCal.)

  • Just because:

  • Iraqis say: "We want Turkey, Syria and Iran to give us our fair share of water."

  • An interesting post on carbon sequestration/reforestation (though I worry about a new subsidy for farmers...)

  • Desal in Australia is much more expensive than conservation, whether it's built by private or public interests.
Hattip to DL, TS and JWT