20 Jan 2010

Speed blogging

  • Here are the top ten blogs (according to someone) on green innovations, and this blog gives video reviews of green products. Better yet, ten words you need to stop misspelling.

  • "The state is blocking four landowners on two Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta islands from taking water that officials say they don't have permission to use." Finally. (Will there be more?)

  • Milwaukee plans to use cheap water to attract businesses. Not a good idea (subsidies) and VERY bad idea if it creates demand that's too large for supply. (Ask Stockton, CA or most water managers in SoCal.)

  • Just because:

  • Iraqis say: "We want Turkey, Syria and Iran to give us our fair share of water."

  • An interesting post on carbon sequestration/reforestation (though I worry about a new subsidy for farmers...)

  • Desal in Australia is much more expensive than conservation, whether it's built by private or public interests.
Hattip to DL, TS and JWT


  1. Concerning the carbon sequestration blog, here's an example of "internalizing externalities...


    And then there is the Nobel Prize winner Elinor Ostrom and her research on the governance of common-pool resources.

    These are ongoing issues here in Trinity County in which the tensions of private vs. public land regulations are being answered with a "commons" approach. Local fire safe councils are interjecting local input into these discussions as well as the presence of the Weaverville Community Forest (http://www.tcrcd.net/wcf/index.htm) as a reminder that there are other avenues toward resource management.

  2. Larry, that's my blog (and a BIG thanks to you, David!); I am interested in your concepts, and would appreciate commentary over there, too.

    Thanks again, David!


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