28 Jan 2010

Poll Results -- Shoot the politicians!

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Politicians are...

...part of the solution to water problems
...have nothing to do with water problems
...the reason for water problems
68 votes total
I agree that politicians are involved, and I think that they are part of the problem:
  1. They benefit from prolonging it, due to lobbying for them to intervene.
  2. They do not understand it, because it's too complicated for anyone to understand -- like any complex problem.
Bottom Line: Politicians should delegate more authority to more people, so that they can act in their own interest on water policy issues. The results will be better, and I won't blame the politicians!


  1. I stayed out of voting for that one, because I found it, like the water problems you mention, too simplistic.

    Delegation of authority is not a solution to a water problem, it is the end of an active, participatory democratic republic.

    I, too, am frustrated with politicians (I work with them every day at my job). But I cannot lose faith in the system of rule by law and of representation. Because, in reality, there really is only one other type of rule.

  2. To whom do you delegate and why them? Do you pay them?

  3. I just re-read my post: I didn't mean to imply that your water problems were too simplistic (much less flat-out say that, which I apparently did), but to say that my feeling about your question was analogous to your feelings about politicians' "solutions" to water problems.


  4. @Josh -- I agree that these problems are complex BUT the buck has to stop somewhere AND these guys claim that they are "in charge."

  5. David, to that, I agree. They are supposed to govern. Delegation is not governing. They need to make the big decisions clear, and then put in administrative folks to run the day-to-day, with consistent, clear oversight to them. By continuing to delegate actual decision-making, they move away from an elected government.


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