12 Jan 2010

Poll Results -- Climate Variation

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For me, increases in weather variation due to climate change will be
Fun! I love variation! 21%15
Annoying! I will have to spend money/change some habits 21%15
A real problem! My life will fundamentally change. 29%21
Deadly. My community and I may not make it. 10%7
Whatever. I don't think that climate change is happening. 11%8
Not going there! I don't think variation will happen. We'll get warmer, but without greater extremes 8%6
72 votes total

Those are the answers, work with them. I think we're going to get fundamental change -- even if we live in the developed world -- because of the catastrophic impacts on ecosystems. The impacts in LDCs may also spill over to us ("climate refugees" and/or massive crop failures).

Bottom Line: Evolution is slow, steady and resilient, but it has a hard time coping with steady change -- except if you think that a 50 percent rate of extinction is a "reasonable" cost of change.

1 comment:

  1. Dorian Roffe-Hammond16 Jan 2011, 03:58:00

    I too believe that climate variation is on the rise and that the global consequences will adversely effect my consumer budget. Reading Bill McKibben's "Eaarth" will make a believer out of most people.


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