3 Jan 2011

Monday funnies

XKCD captures the story of my life (aka, if I had a nickel...)


  1. I'm going to steal that idea for a website. :)

  2. My team did a natural gas marketing potential study in 1985 that resulted in the eventual merger of SDG&E and SoCalGas and the creation of Sempra Energy International to market natural gas to Baja and the construction of a new LNG terminal down there. I turned in a SDG&E suggestion award at the time but never heard a peep back from SDG&E brass. I also co-founded Sempra Energy Solutions back in 1997, which company Sempra just sold for $137 million. Strangely enough, they haven't contacted me offering me a cut of their profits.

    Funny how that sort of thing doesn't work.


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