24 Jan 2010

Flashback: Jan 17 -- 23 2009

These posts are still relevant, so please comment!

BEST: Ethics and Water and the lack of ethics of water managers. Speaking of that, Pat Mulroy's idea of Something Outrageous does NOT include charging more when water is scarce :(

BEST: The End of the Western Population Boom? aka, the end of abundance (of water)

Shower Incentives -- a customer tells his gym how to incentivize conservation.

Water Markets [sic] -- no, we do NOT have them in California, but we also have A Word from the Farmers on that topic.

BEST: Stupid Water Bills -- EBMUD fails. Big time. (Nothing changed?)

Soda Taxes are a good idea.

Belief is private; knowledge is public.
Religion is belief; science is knowledge.
Make public policy accordingly.
...and a bit more philosophy about Water and Lifestyle


  1. David - just posted a comparative piece on New Mexico vs Chile a few moments ago, ironically.
    - Let me know what you think; I know you are a champion (or "fan"?) of Hayek. As you'll see I'm a bit critical of a simple "market" for all, but...

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