17 Jan 2010

Flashback: 10 -- 16 January 2009

These posts are still important, so please comment.

BEST: Me on Bloomberg Radio -- a wide-ranging interview.

Environmental Civil War -- the Nature Conservancy goes for the Peripheral Canal; it helps that they will -- if they are "team players -- get lots of Delta restoration money.

BEST: Fishes... and Seas -- how institutions fail fish, and fishermen.

BEST: Peak Water? Damian calls it BS (my word) and I agree.

Fighting over Pie -- Public agencies using tax dollars to advance managers' goals.

Non-price Demand Destruction -- How Aussies got down to 140lcd (38gcd) by changing their attitudes.

The Steady State Economy -- what it's all about.

Preventing the Tragedy of the Commons -- two papers by (pre-Nobel) Lin Ostrom.

Ethanol Is for Piggies -- ethanol subsidies are 80% of ALL clean energy subsidies!

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  1. WaterSourceWaterBank17 Jan 2010, 14:09:00

    Flashback ... Jan. 13, 2010probably the greatest loss of human life in history from a single natural occurance ...

    Heads up ... probably this week the greatest loss of human life in history from a water shortage ...

    Reasons ... ?


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