26 Jan 2010

Distance learning about economics, politics and the environment

I was planning to "re-run" my EEP100 class between Jan and May this year, but I am too busy. I am thinking of doing it in the fall, but only if there are at least 50 people committed to participating. Commitment requires that you pay $100 each, with a $50 rebate for completing the course.

The course would require that you read 2-4 books and several academic papers, that you watch my archived lectures (also available on MP3), take 2 exams, and (usually) participate during twice-weekly online chats, to discuss the materials. There will also be a wiki/discussion forum for students to help each other.

Your thoughts?


  1. Took it in person last semester--definitely recommend!

  2. How to I commit to participate? Link please.

  3. @Anon -- I am looking for people's thoughts first. THEN I will put up a sign in list :)

  4. Damn it, I can't take the class if we don't have 50 people.

  5. Nice!

    Entrepeneurship in education. This is the type of disruptive model that Clayton Christensen predicted in one of his books - Seeing What's Next, I think.

    Best wishes on the experiment.

  6. Online chats would be dificult to carry out: distance learning means different time zones around the world, i.e. while in NY is 9 am, it is 3 am in Oslo,

  7. if this would be open to all, I would be interested.

  8. @Ben -- yes, it would be open to all -- who participate -- and yes, discussion times would have to consider time zones...

  9. David, I'm in if you can get the numbers.

  10. David,

    I would be very interested. I'd especially like to see if we can compile data on actual costs of water at the tap on a global basis. First via existing infrastructure, and then via 5 gallon bottled providers.




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