23 Jan 2010

Be careful what you ask for

California is being pummeled by heavy rains and snow fall that are flooding land and blocking roads.

This is ironic as a change of pace from three years of drought, but it's also consistent with higher variation in climatic patterns (due to global warming) and heavier impacts due to the intensity of human impact on the environment -- we have paved and settled in more places, reducing Nature's drainage area and increasing the probability that humans will feel adverse impacts.

Bottom Line: When things start to break, they break in many places.


  1. Wait, you mean to tell me that places OTHER than the Delta can flood?!? Good Lord, we have to get everybody, and all their developments, out of there and to someplace safer! Also, I'm tired of paying for their reckless lifestyles.

    In all seriousness, we really are praying for folks here, even when we get shafted by those very folks, at times. Storms are always scary, especially in fire-ravaged and hilly places.

    As for drainage, you are right-on. I would love to see set-backs on many riparian areas, not just the Delta. Folks could learn a lot from the city of Sacramento's American River Parkway.

  2. California has always been a land of four seasons: Earthquake, drought, fire, and flood.

  3. Nature bats last; and don't you forget it.

  4. Well, it is consistent with high interannual variation in CA that is historical and due to Pacific oscillations. Possibly there is a climate change signal buried in there. But of course, the clearest signal will be to climate-denial groups...nah, not a problem...


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