14 Dec 2009

World Policy Journal -- Water Edition

"In the winter issue of World Policy Journal [FREE], Martin Chulov reports from Baghdad on drought: the next plague that Iraqis must contend with as American forces complete their pull-out. Peter Bosshard examines the way Chinese hydropower firms are rapidly damming the world's great rivers. In a Q&A with the editors, one of the Arab world's great public intellectuals, Ismail Serageldin, director of the Library of Alexandria, answers some hard questions about the potential for violence if the needs of water-starved people and nations are ignored. Alun Anderson examines the new Arctic after the "great melt"--which heralds the mass extinction of species, unbridled Russian oil exploration, and the potential opening of the Northwest Passage that eluded explorers for centuries."

These articles and more.


  1. These articles are starting to strike me as odd. There are a lot of 'shoulds' but no mechanism that is likely to make the 'shoulds' actually occur.

    A little understanding of other cultures (not just projection of Western values onto other cultures) and a little realpolitik would have made the articles much more interesting.

  2. Now don't get all accurate and insightful here. Just say "theze articles rock!"


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  4. wow -- that spam lasted a whole hour and 7 minutes. Wonder when "Anonymous" will give up?


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