2 Dec 2009

Sustainable Silicon Valley (Dec 7)

I will be speaking at this next Monday.

The Purpose ("Catalyze a Sea Change in Action Towards Resiliency in Long Term Water Supply and Management in Silicon Valley") is rather obtuse, but it should be an interesting crowd.

Registration is $55--85, on a sliding scale.


  1. Good luck with that, David. I have the feeling that those who will pay for the event will have their minds made up. Silicon Valley Leadership Group says the recent water legislation was vital for California and will do all sort of great things.

    What I want to know is how much would if cost for flood insurance on a Treasure Island building? and who will pay for mitigation of sea level rise?

  2. Hi David,
    I can't attend this event but there are a bunch of people including you that I'd be interested in hearing from. Maybe you could take some notes and/or tape some of it. My professor Wilkinson from UCSB will be there, as well as Art from BAWSCA.

  3. I used to be the coordinator for SSV, putting together these conferences. To answer Wes, SSV is pretty independent of SVLG, so I don't forsee any kind of a party line. And we also made an effort of make the presentations available on the Web after the conference, so benjaminpink can probably find it later.

  4. I forgot my recorder today (pity), but I'll take it for Monday.

    Treasure Island will be easy to save (small, valuable). I'd worry about LA...


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