30 Dec 2009

Speed blogging

  • After 10 years of negotiating, California has some protected marine habitats. That's good for fish -- and fishermen... and the Straight Dope on farmed fish and the move to "uglier" fish as "cute" fishstocks are wiped out.

  • The less you know, the more you make -- a proof.

  • Men in developing countries don't know what aid they need; women do -- clean water.

  • Kern Country Water Bank steals from its neighbors.

  • Cities with the best and worst tap water. Arlington, TX at best; Pensacola, FL at worst. In CA, Riverside and San Diego are in ten worst.

  • Interested in aquaponics? Buy this book. (I've not read it.)

  • Illegal marijuana farms have bad impacts on land and water use -- esp. on public lands. More police will not fix that problem -- legalization will.
Hattip to JWT

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  1. Check out Riverside's response to its tap water quality ranking: http://www.riversideca.gov/utilities/news-display.asp?newsid=224. The report presented raw source water data as if it were treated tap water. Very irresponsible and misleading report, will do tremendous damage to public trust in a public resource which meets all health requirements. (Full disclosure: I serve on the Riverside Board of Public Utilities.)


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