21 Dec 2009

Speed Blogging

  • Coke is introducing bio-plastic bottles (yay!) for bottled water (boo!)
  • Brisbane writes a case study on saving water (from 87 gallons/capita/day down to 34 gcd). Mostly conservation measures and some harsh pricing.
  • As Sewers Fill, Waste Poisons Waterways. Agencies complain that they cannot afford fines. Fine 'em and rebate the money back to ALL wastewater treatment facilities (per capita, naturally); then you will see the end of spills.
  • Chile's water market [pdf] has brought both equity (more households covered, with subsidized rates for low use) and efficiency (in agricultural and urban water use).
  • The privatization at Cochabamba can also be blamed on local corruption and vested interests [pdf]
  • Factoid: In 2009, 12 percent of the world's population had private water or serage service. The shares are 45% in W Europe, 22% in N. America and only 1% in S/C Asia. China had 8% of the private sector's clients in 1989. It's now 38%.
Hattip to DW