10 Dec 2009

Speed Blogging

These are good, really good:
  • Sheila Kuehl (former Assemblywoman) writes clearly on how California's water bills are useless and expensive (and other things, but she's brutally honest!). Read all her essays!

  • Water hogs: "Farmers in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas use, on average, 323.6 gallons of water to produce one gallon of ethanol from corn, with all but 3 of those gallons used for irrigation. The GAO said that's 20 to 30 times the amount of water used in... corn producing regions where rainfall is more plentiful.

  • Lake Peigneur drains down a 14 inch hole (wow!)

  • "The world would be better if we praised folks more for what they did than who they are." Hear hear!

  • The Global Corruption Report 2008 - Corruption in the Water Sector. Damn, I have to read this. So many chapters on interesting cases and countries. Wow.

  • No surprise: "Uranium from polluted mine in Nevada wells," but Surprise! "An administrative judge ruled last year that the BLM illegally fired Dixon in 2004 in retaliation for speaking out about the health and safety dangers at the mine." What? Fire BLM for a cover up!

  • USAID is actually helping farmers in developing countries get improved access to markets (but has still not stopped dumping food and destroying market incentives).

  • Food security is rising (good) but so is food self-sufficiency (bad). Trade grows even more important as a means of insuring against the volatility of climate change. [Sign the petition against green protectionism.]

  • A health care parable -- the price is higher if you decide what to do and someone else pays
hattips to DL, JM and DW