1 Dec 2009

Speed Blogging

  • In these economic times, civilization can break down: "Gov. David Paterson... plans to use money collected for environmental programs to cover the budget deficit." Penny wise, pound foolish.

  • A review of Water War in the Klamath Basin: Macho Law, Combat Biology, and Dirty Politics by Doremus and Tarlock.

  • Taugher strikes again: Why issue another $11 billion in bonds when we haven't spent half of the money dedicated to water in previous bonds? Further, why aren't water users paying?

  • Biodiesel: Still looking for subsidies.

  • What is striking about the global cost-abatement curve is what a bargain it seems to be to lower emissions by protecting rainforests.

  • Money makes you conservative:
    In the experiment, subjects earn money in a real effort production task and are allowed to vote on a tax rate that determines the scope of redistribution. The subjects also complete a questionnaire about their economic ideology, allowing a test of whether this ideology is linked to the willingness to vote for redistributive taxes. We find that a subject’s relative earnings primarily determines her voting behavior, with our subjects showing little in the way of preferences for fairness or inequality aversion.
  • Photos documenting the impacts of climate change on the Himalayan glaciers
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