4 Dec 2009

Speed blogging versus Twitter

As some of you may have noticed, I have been twittering from aguanomics.

I am wondering if I should distribute the material now appearing on "speed blogging" posts through Twitter.

Downside: Hard to comment on the links.

Upside: Faster distribution; more space for posts "of substance" -- with bottom lines, more commentary, etc.

Although you can see tweets on the sidebar, email and RSS subscribers cannot.

What do you think?


  1. I really enjoy the speed blogging posts. I think they would be lost in twitter.

  2. I use RSS because I can look at things when I want to. On twitter, they get lost, I have scan through lists to find them, etc.

    Your speed blogging posts, Aquafornia's top of the scroll posts are both much more useful to me than twitter would be.

  3. Another vote for keeping it as the way it has been. (email subscriber here)

  4. More media is better than the single best media. Blog, Tweet, speed blog, all of it.

  5. Ok folks, I know what to do (the same thing :)



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