30 Dec 2009

The Salton Sea is NOT natural

On page 104 of Water and the California Dream, we get this:
The 1905 event recreated a natural phenomenon that had occurred at least four times between the years 700 and 1580, when the Colorado River would temporarily change course and flood the sink. Each time, freshwater from the river gradually became salty after the river turned back toward the ocean and each lake evaporated. The twentieth-century version, named the Salton Sea, has remained full because of agricultural drainage from surrounding farmlands.
Note that the Salton sink was flooded four times in 800 years. After each time, it dried out. That's natural. Today's Salton "Sea" is NOT natural. It's replenished by irrigation runoff, of dubious quality. As water evaporates, it leaves behind higher concentrations of salts and other nasty stuff. Time to dry out the Salton Toilet, clean up the mess (yes, users pay) and restore real wetlands where they naturally occurred -- in Mexico, at the Colorado River Delta. Read more here.

Oh, and I don't care about Sacramento agreements on who pays and what's to be done; those are political BS that reflect horsetrading, neither reality nor what's right for Californians.

Bottom Line The Salton Toilet may be the single greatest special interest boondoggle in California. Stop the waste and dry it out.