4 Dec 2009

My lectures! in HD! subtitled! in many tongues!

I just found out that you can watch my lectures (environmental economics and policy at UC Berkeley) with subtitles (turn on close captioning at the box in the lower right corner). The sync with my words is sometimes comically wrong, but it's progress of a sort!

The MOST cool part is that you can read translated subtitles in 30+ languages. (I talk Bulgarian?!?)

Enjoy! (Enjoy?)



  1. Economics in Bulgarian? Will it make any less sense than economics in English? ;-)

    How do they get the translations done?


  2. @Eric -- you should listen to other professors! The translations are via Google. It's pretty cool.

  3. I had Google translate some of my writings into French and German. The results were incomprehensible. I write French and German slowly, but my attempts at translation were far better than Google's

    I should listen to lectures and see if the results are better.


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