4 Dec 2009

Hello, this is David

That's how I've answered the phone for 20 years.

It saves me time, and the caller confusion. I wonder why people still do this:
[ring ring]
David: Hello?
Caller: Hello? Yes I'm calling for David.
David: Oh, yes. This is David
In the days before cell phones, this method saved no time; it's a real waste now...

Seems that this "institution" is wasteful. Am I missing something? Are people afraid to identify themselves when they pick up the phone? Why answer it then?


  1. When presented with the better model (my partner of 8 years has answered the phone your way as long as I've known him at least), I realized the utility and switched over. I'm not smart enough to have thought of it on my own.

  2. I tried that for awhile and gave up. Here's what happened:

    "Hello, this is George."

    "Hi, may I speak with George please?"

  3. If someone calls me I feel it's their duty to identify themselves first.

  4. 1.] 3 extra words = too much effort.

    2.] I don't answer the phone anyway unless I know who it is. Caller ID - another great innovation...

    Maybe if my name was Jane I would consider it seeing as 1 syllable is more manageable than 3. But I guess we will never know.


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