11 December 2009

The global water crisis is a self-inflicted wound

A concise analysis:
As governments across the world, and especially the developing world, worry about a looming water crisis, Biswas dismisses it as a self-inflicted wound. The problem we have, he says, is not scarcity but mismanagement. The solution to shortages is simple: "Water must have a price. Anything that is free won't be used prudently."
Any questions?


Wes said...

I don't disagree that water needs to have a price. However, I heartily disagree to allowing that price to contain a profit margin.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article- I especially liked the "By the Numbers: Unaccounted-For Water":

City: Amount Lost (%)
Singapore: 5
Phnom Penh: 7
New York: 6
London: 27

What do you suppose the percent is for the State of California/ DWR?