6 Dec 2009

Flashback: 28 Nov -- Dec 4 2008

These posts are still relevant, so please comment.

Kill the Capitalists! -- where I take apart the worst arguments of those opposed to corporations in the water business.

BEST: Fixing SoCal -- a radical idea to reallocate (with compensation!) ag water to cities and the environment, cleaning the Salton Sea, helping Mexican farmers AND restoring the Colorado River Delta. Tim Quinn thinks it's crazy, so maybe it's a good idea?

BEST: Reconsidering the Peripheral Canal -- where I explain why I have shifted from pro- to anti-PC. Mainly b/c the PC won't fix the problems we have with water. Speaking of long-term, Sustainable Economies have good (accurate) prices.

Bad Data -- a pre-Climategate discussion :) Speaking of that, Water Accounting finds that, "in contrast to widely-held beliefs, our results show that water conservation subsidies are unlikely to reduce water use under conditions that occur in many river basins. Adoption of more efficient irrigation technologies reduces valuable return flows and limits aquifer recharge. Policies aimed at reducing water applications can actually increase water depletions." So much for drip; so much for conservation subsidies. It's fallowing, crop changes or nothing.

BEST: Conservation Pricing and AB2882 -- the law allows increasing block rates (conservative water managers wanted a BOLD assurance they could use them), but fails to REALLY encourage (high) conservation prices. It's watered-down and says "Revenues derived from allocation-based conservation water pricing shall not exceed the proportional cost of [X] service attributable to the customer's parcel" If we added "reliable" at X, then AB2882 would allow for prices that reflect scarcity, not just cost of delivery.

The Klamath Dams Deal -- how's it going now? Anyone? Buehler?

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  1. WaterSource/WaterBank6 Dec 2009, 15:30:00


    Re: "Best" ... fixing SoCal

    At least we agree that some of SoCal &regional water dilemmas can be solved if those in authority would take an appropriate action.

    Confiscation and reallocation of existing water rights/entitlements is even more unlikely to happen than a using available space in EXISTING Bureau facilities for the storage of adequate available water that damages no one.

    New water & new water in storage would have enormous flexibility !

    Instantaneous releases could be made to restore the CO River Delta and other environmental sensitive areas in the region.

    More importantly, the new water would allow for all sorts of exchanges to alleviate the litigation and mitigation between Cal's North & South interests.

    The new uses of the New water would benefit everyone and create/solidify JOBS.

    I have long advocated that some of the new water could be provided to Mexico IN EXCHANGE for adherence to drug and immigration laws.

    Don't you think it is time we joined forces ... ? Are you interested in a free confidential disclosure ?


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