27 Dec 2009

Flashback: 20 -- 26 Dec

These posts are still important, so please comment!

Environmental Prop/Agit, and one of my favorite images...

Dear Sant' Obama -- my list that I wanted to see from the new Prez. So far, he's gone half way on two of ten. Pretty disappointing, but Washington isn't an easy place to change...

BEST: Bureaucratic "Achievement" happens (wrt the MDG for clean water) when they reach the goals that they define, no matter what original goals they were given. Speaking of bureaucrats, Dirty Water gets into their infighting over water quality. We end up suffering.

Journalistic Failure -- The SF Bay Guardian went just a little overboard on its anti-capitalism wrt bottled water sellers.

BEST: Growing Alfalfa in the Desert -- yes, they do. In a drought. (I later learned that farmers do b/c that's the most profitable, but you gotta wonder about these "water shortage" complaints...)

BEST: The Economics of Shopping Bags -- love this one.

PE of Carbon Permits -- why politicians prefer to use them, instead of taxes.


  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/27/us/27sfpolitics.html?partner=rss&emc=rss

    Here is an article about Berkeley and San Francisco from the New York Times.

    Apparently regulations to decrease CO2 from new buildings will get builders to build in the suburbs which will increase CO2 as well as make more lawns.

    Unintended consequences, driven by economics, abound.

  2. The poster is funny, except that it shouldn't be a Ford. They didn't take the money.

  3. @Eric and Josh -- right. Ironic that Ford was on the poster, but didn't take the $$...


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