8 Dec 2009

Do people understand the global water crisis?

Tim SolWoong Kim doesn't think that they do, and he's making a film to explain the environmental and moral dimensions of "the end of water abundance" (my phrase).

In this one hour-20 minute water chat [27MB MP3] we discuss The Pursuit of Water (still in the planning stages), the interaction of supply and demand, the role of water in human settlement and role of religion in improving water distribution.

Please visit PoW's website to see more about what, how, and why they are doing this project. 

If you want to help Tim with advice, time or money, email him.

Bottom Line It's hard to teach people -- even when they want to learn -- but we should try to do so in as many ways as we can.


  1. This is about your quiz... do you think the proportion of those who think that students who get As are smart are the proportion of people who actually get As?

  2. Totally! That's why Profs think new PhDs should be profs, parents think their kids should have kids, etc.


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