8 Dec 2009

Conflict over water or water as a weapon?

DL sent this snippet:
In Saturday's attack, assailants approached the gate of a camp for people displaced by the conflict and shot at peacekeepers distributing water, said UNAMID spokesman Kemal Saiki. That attack took place about 40 miles (65 kilometers) south of el-Fasher, the capital of northern Darfur.

In the other attack, which took place Friday near a market and a government checkpoint, gunmen fired on a convoy of Rwandan peacekeepers escorting a water tanker near the northern town of Saraf Umra. The force fired back, wounding an assailant, but the attackers escaped, Saiki said.
Many people use Darfur as an example of "water conflict," but I see this attack as an attempt to DENY water to those at the tanker's destination, not as an attack to capture (and use) the water.

Bottom Line Water is important to life, and those with the fewest morals will deny it to others to get their way. All's fair in love and war, but I hope a fair trial awaits those who are so inhumane.

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  1. 'The Heart of Dryness' - which you reviewed, gives other examples of this sort of behavior around the world, although generally in more of a siege sort of operation. Of course, that whole book is about denial of water supplies to the Kalahari Bushmen by the government of Botswana in an attempt to get their way.


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