10 Dec 2009

Comment on corporate water?

"The Pacific Institute has been soliciting public comments on the public draft of the Corporate Water Accounting report and will be through December 11, 2009" (tomorrow!).

Although I thought this report a silly idea before, I am persuaded that it can be useful as a means of putting pressure on countries/areas with poor water policies. Here's the comment I just sent:
Although corporations need to account for their water use (an obvious internal control that can also be released to the public), they are also subject to rules and regulations that affect their use (e.g., cheap water will be used more). Thus, it's important that ALL of these reports be put in the context of the regime under which they were generated. Even more important is the fact that corporations can AFFECT these rules (for better or worse).

Thus, I recommend that:
  1. PacInst gather information on de jure and de facto regulations affecting water use (prices, rights, markets, quality, etc.) in all these areas. (This is a public good, so no corporation has an incentive to gather and distribute the information.
  2. PacInst ask/require that corporations report their efforts to affect rules and regs (for better or worse)