15 Dec 2009

Bleg: Who sells water in California?

SJ asks:
I need to get a reasonably comprehensive list of public (not regulated by CPUC) water agencies in CA and the rest of states if possible. I got a comprehensive list of CPUC regulated water agencies, but I'm unable to find a list of city-operated agencies. I found this, but this includes both wholesalers and retailers. Moreover, this list is missing agencies.

Do you know where I can find a comprehensive list of retailers.
I'm guessing that SWRCB or EPA has a list of agencies that comply with water quality regs. Does anyone have a comprehensive list of agencies?

SJ put up a google spreadsheet with agencies (investor-owned and municipal). Please go look and/or update/add information.


  1. The way to get this info would be to contact Dave Todd at DWR. He is the lead on the urban water management plans. All public agencies over a certain min size have to submit a UWMP. I know that he has a list of all the agencies that have submitted.

  2. Good luck - there's rumored to be 2800 of them in CA and 53000 nationwide.... May I have a copy of the list when you have it...? :)

  3. Thank you for the comments. I'll contact Dave Todd.

    2800 agencies in CA. Wow. I had heard there were around 500 agencies. So far the list (in the spreadsheet) includes 468 agencies.


  4. Try Calif Dept of Health Services, they regulate every single one.

  5. Washington state irrigation districts are here:

    Drinking water systems (there are a lot of them but you could sort out what you need):

  6. http://www.sco.ca.gov/ard_locarep_districts.html

    has a lot of info. Email me and I have some other docs I can email you

  7. David,you've been at this long enough that you should know that public water systems are certified by the California Department of Public Health, Drinking Water Program. According to their website here, there are over 7,500 public systems statewide. Note that "state small systems" are regulated by "local primary agencies". See here.

  8. @All -- thanks!

    @Francis -- long at it, yes. Knowledgeable, no. That's why I have you :) Thanks!


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