18 Dec 2009

Abuse of power

Emily Green writes a compelling portrait of power and corruption:
Once again the Resnicks are using influence to bend the rules to their purposes. This time, instead of bullying a newspaper using a flagrant fabrication about a journalist, they are bullying a politician to have the opinions of scientists overturned for the betterment of their Central Valley and water banking interests.


  1. Wow, Emily Green writes so well! Years ago, I read all about the huge pomegranate plantings and even drove down to see them; thought it was all very cool (except for the small pomegranate growers forced to eat dirt). Aguanomics turned me on to Emily Green's blog and I have tracked down some of her other writing. Her gardening stuff is as good as that on California water and politics.

  2. I believe the Resnicks are the couple that bought us all that other environmental masterpiece, Fiji water. They own Roll International, the company that markets Fiji. This stuff is festooned with environmental promises to offset the basically insane notion of importing water from an arid water-scarce island. In planetary terms, it's a crock...

  3. Great stuff, thanks for pointing me to Ms. Green.


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